Kal-Guard+ Device Reduces Build-Up Of Limescale

Watermatic has introduced an inline powered electrolytic water treatment device that delivers a proportional release of zinc to manage limescale within a system. The device, called Kal-Guard+, provides large and small businesses with a low-cost way of reducing their energy consumption by reducing the build-up of limescale in their systems.

Limescale build-up results in the need to use far more electricity than would be required for clean, scale-free plant and hot-water systems, particularly in hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, food-processing businesses, offices and retail outlets. The Kal-Guard+ unit incorporates a sophisticated controller to match the level of dosing to suit the system's water hardness conditions, producing a measurable 'residual' effect throughout the system. In independent testing at Cranfield University, Kal-Guard+ has been shown to reduce limescale formation on heat transfer surfaces by up to 80 per cent.

Watermatic provides products to combat limescale and corrosion in commercial and industrial premises. As well as being suitable for use in the hospitality and leisure industries, Kal-Guard+ is also used in factories, nursing and care homes and government buildings across the UK and Europe. None of the Watermatic products use chemicals or produce harmful waste products; they are claimed to ensure the maintenance of a system's cleanliness and energy efficiency and have WRAS accreditation.


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