ITT Unveils Snap-On And Ultrasonic PCMCIA I/O Kits

ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed two PCMCIA I/O kits - snap-on and ultrasonic - each available with a range of options and customisable features for maximum design flexibility. The company's snap-fit PCMCIA kit consists of a pair of robust, mechanically-assembled stainless steel card covers, which provide the PC card with torsional stiffness and good drop test performance.

The ultrasonic kit welds the plastic cover set around the PC card ultrasonically to create a solid protective shell. Both the snap-fit kit and the ultrasonic kits are secure and tamper proof. Further features common to both kits are standard card end closure mouldings and the ability to accommodate specialised end caps or extension box designs. The robust 68-pin connector can withstand more than 10,000 mating cycles and to suit a wide range of uses; multiple connector off-set options are available. Kits can be supplied with or without cardbus features.

High-volume production tooling is available on request. Both ITT Interconnect Solutions' PCMCIA I/O kits meet all Type I and Type II specifications, as well as providing optimum EMI shielding. They meet PCMCIA and JEIDA standards and are fully RoHS compliant. Further applications include: security devices, test and measurement instruments, handheld portable devices and medical instruments.


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