ISD860 Drives Gives High Servo Performance Control

Based on Technosoft Motionchip DSP technology, ISD860 is a flexible intelligent drive. It has been developed for motion applications that require cost-optimised design, embedded intelligence, networking possibilities and high servo performance control. It is able to drive 12A continuous and 31A peak currents at a supply voltage ranging from 12 to 72V DC, with a PWM of 20 kHz frequency. Embedding motion controller, drive and PLC functionality in one 136 x 84 x 26mm unit, ISD860 controls brushless, DC or linear motors up to 860W continuous/2.2kW peak voltage.

Due to its advanced motion-control algorithms, a precise control of position, speed or torque over a range of dynamic conditions can be achieved. ISD860 works in single-axis, multi-axis or standalone configurations. The drive setup, tuning and motion programming are made simple with Easymotion Studio and Technosoft Motion Language (TML), according to the company. With ISD860, motion programming can be done from a CAN master, via PC/PLC, using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level through its built-in motion controller.

The embedded Technosoft Motion Language includes a high-level command protocol, which can be used by the host through the onboard RS232/CAN serial interfaces. A CANopen version of the ISD860 drive, supporting DS-301 and DSP-402 profiles, is also available. In standalone operation, ISD860 can be managed with programmable I/Os or analogue inputs. Using the TML language, multiple operations can be performed with ISD860: setting of various motion modes (profiles, PVT, PT, electronic gearing or camming, etc), change of motion modes and/or parameters, execution of homing sequences or program flow control.

At the same time, IDS860 can handle digital I/O and analogue input signals, execute arithmetic and logic operations, and transfer data between axes. The drive is able to control other axes via motion commands. ISD860 can send commands to a group of axes, or synchronise all the axes from a network. Flexibility and easy implementation make ISD860 suitable for higher-power motion axis-control using modern distributed intelligence architecture. The drive is suitable for cost-sensitive applications, from medical to factory automation, requiring high servo performance and enhanced compactness.


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