Intelatrac Achieves Enterprise Mobility Validation

Invensys has announced that its Wonderware Intelatrac mobile solution has achieved Enterprise Mobility validation through Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Validated Solution Program. The Intelatrac solution is a mobile-workforce and decision-support system. Featuring configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware, it enables better workflow, and procedural and general task management focused on plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications.

The mobile component of the Intelatrac application can operate with a variety of hardware from Motorola, which is available through the Wonderware brand as a part of a customer's purchase of the system. These products include the MC55 and MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA), and MC9090 range of mobile computers.

The Motorola Enterprise Mobility Validated Solutions Program allows partners to test and validate their mobility solutions on Motorola products to help ensure interoperability and meet the application-specific needs of customers, as well as reduce risk and time to deployment.

Invensys Operations Management successfully achieved Enterprise Mobility validation by completing Motorola's Enterprise Mobility Validated Solution Program, including joint testing at the Motorola Solution Center in Holtsville, New York. The Intelatrac solution is now permitted to use the Motorola Enterprise Mobility Validated Software logo designation, which will help assure customers and partners of system interoperability between Motorola devices and Intelatrac applications.


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