Innovative Silicon Enhances Z-Ram Technology

Innovative Silicon, the developer of the Z-Ram zero-capacitor floating body (FB) memory technology has announced two enhancements to the Z-Ram technology. Bit-cell operating voltage has been reduced to less than 1V. The company claimed that this makes it the industry's lowest-voltage FB memory bit cell and the first to be on-par with traditional DRAM voltages. Z-Ram technology is now constructed on bulk silicon - without the requirement for expensive silicon on insulator (SOI) substrates - by using the 3D transistor structures preferred by major DRAM manufactures.

With these enhancements, which have been substantiated on a test chip manufactured by Hynix Semiconductor, Innovative Silicon has demonstrated that the Z-Ram technology is the only DRAM memory replacement technology that is lower-cost than traditional DRAM at the latest sub-40nm nodes. Moreover, the Z-Ram technology can meet DRAM requirements for low power consumption, low-voltage operation, and the latest Double Data Rate (DDRx) performance levels.


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