IGE+XAO Improves SEE Electrical V5R1 CAD Software

IGE+XAO has added new functionalities to its SEE Electrical V5R1 CAD software. SEE Electrical is suitable for medium-to-low electrical CAD-software applications. It has three levels: basic, standard and advanced. It is future proofed to evolve in line with customer requirements. New features of the V5R1 version include: a new user interface; navigation from database list to drawings; new windows-selection mode, which makes object selection easier; symbol rotation according to wire; program controlling now possible from the keyboard; and the ability to insert by list those components/terminals that are not in drawing.

Other user benefits include the ability to: integrate Function Location Manager; create and display several translations at once; use drag and drop in project tree to copy or move single pages; show wire sizes and wire colours on wires; and display terminal/cable plans information for potential names. It also features integrated Function Location Manager, redlining functionality, and cable plan with shield information for cables. SEE Electrical V5R1 also offers the Intelligent Drawing Legacy module.

Available in different levels of functionalities, this allows: multiple scanned pictures to be automatically loaded into different pages; and a pattern-recognition tool to recognise and convert patterns (consisting of geometry and text) imported via DXF/DWG to symbols that match the SEE Electrical processes. The Smart PDF Printer module allows navigation in the project due to the cross references and generates an overview of the project tree and components.

Solidworks Entreprise PDM interface (EPDM), provided by Solidworks, offers new functionalities such as check in, check out of projects, management of user rights for projects and life-cycle management. This is the first step towards enabling collaborative design between mechanical and electrical CAD systems. Data exchange between electrical and mechanical CAD is now allowed in the Solidworks interface, due to 'from/to' lists for wires and cable cores.


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