Holotouch Launches Touchless Interface

HoloTSFS408 is a touchless human-machine interface that is operated by inserting a finger into the holographic image of OPEN floating freely in its central cavity. It is powered by a switch-mode, regulated 5V DC output power supply with input voltage that can range from 100V AC to 250V AC at 50, 60 or 400Hz, and has a maximum output current of 1A DC. In demonstration units, there is an auxiliary, unregulated output of 10V DC that is used to power the green LED array at the bottom of the demonstration stand.

Internal components of HoloTSFS408 consist of a hologram, an LED to reproduce its holographic image and an infrared sensor, the 'sweet spot' of which coincides with the centre of the plane of its reproduced holographic image. The hologram is laminated between two 2.5 x 2.5in plates of 1/8in acrylic. HoloTSF408's reproducing light source is a super-white LED with a luminous intensity of 20,000mCd (If=20mA), a viewing angle of 20 and a forward voltage of 3.2V. HoloTSF408's sensor is a distance-measuring sensor unit composed of an integrated combination of photo diode, infrared emitting diode and signal-processing circuit.

An object must remain in the infrared sensor's sweet spot (50mm from sensor) for at least 160msec in order to generate an activation command. There is an 800msec inter-activation interval programmed into HoloTSF408's infrared sensor. This sensor consumes 5mA. HoloTSF408 is a double-insulated product and, as such, does not require a ground-wire connection.


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