Greenstar Supplies r-HDPE Plastic Flake To Nampak

Greenstar WES supplies recycled-HDPE (r-HDPE) plastic flake to packaging manufacturer Nampak Plastics, which makes plastic milk bottles for supermarkets. Nampak will take 6,000 tonnes annually of Greenstar WES's r-HDPE and is looking to increase the recycled content of its bottles to 30 per cent, in line with the Milk Roadmap.

The UK dairy industry's Milk Roadmap has a target of using 10 per cent r-HDPE in plastic milk bottles by this year, increasing this proportion to 30 per cent in five years and to 50 per cent by 2020.

Greenstar WES also supplies r-HDPE to plastic food-tray manufacturers, which add between 10 per cent and 20 per cent recycled content to each new tray made. These are used for supermarket products such as whole and portioned chicken as well as mushrooms. A small amount of flake is also now being used by the manufacturers of branded cosmetics containers.


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