Gadget Wizards Make High-Res Graphics For Intouch

Software Toolbox has brought out Gadget Wizards 1.1 for Wonderware Intouch HMI software. The wizards provide high-resolution graphics that maximise operator response and comprehension, while minimising design and engineering efforts. The Gadget Wizards range is a collection of buttons, lights, switches, sliders, meters, fills and other graphic objects that plug into Wonderware Intouch HMI software.

A wide variety of settings allow customisation of each object, allowing Intouch application developers to quickly create thousands of unique graphics combinations. In addition, Gadget Wizards can simply plug into the Intouch Windowmaker development environment and easily animate existing Intouch tags. The software saves significant engineering time by creating animations that would normally have to be created manually within the HMI development package.

Licences are only required for Windowmaker stations, not for Windowviewer runtime nodes. John Weber, president of Software Toolbox, said: 'This new release of the Gadget Wizards reduces engineering time and improves operator effectiveness by delivering realistic plant-floor control graphics to panels running Intouch Compact Edition. 'With the thousands of possible combinations of Gadget Wizards, Intouch Compact Edition developers can achieve new levels of engaging screen displays.

'Gadget Wizards can also be used with Intouch on PCs and non-Wonderware panels, enabling consistency of appearance between different Intouch implementations,' he added. The new graphics software application works with panels made by Wonderware hardware partners that support Intouch Compact Edition 10.1 or higher. Gadget Wizards are also compatible with Intouch 8.0 or higher and are offered as a free upgrade for existing owners of Gadget Wizard licences.


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