Fujitsu Expands Range Of Latching Relays

Fujitsu Components Europe has expanded its range of one- and two-coil latching relays with V2/V3 power relays. Latching relays have two stable states (set and reset) and require only a short voltage pulse to change state. The relay remains in its state until a second pulse returns the relay back to the initial or reset state. This type of relay keeps the contact operating by a bi-stable position of the armature because a permanent magnet is incorporated in the magnetic circuit.

This results in limited power consumption and low heat generation. Fujitsu's latching relays are said to be cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The latching-relay range consists of power, automotive and signal relays. The recently added V2/V3 latching power relays are capable of switching 100/120A at 277VAC.


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