Free Dispensing Guide From Adhere At Intertronics

Intertronics has launched a free-to-download guide offering 25 top dispensing tips for production engineers using the Adhere range of dispensing equipment. The Adhere range includes automatic, semi-automatic and robotic systems, handheld guns and all the consumables users will need for their adhesives or other liquids such as inks, coatings, greases or oils.

The guide explains the ins and outs of fluid dispensing, including equipment selection and techniques. Intertronics is also offering a free sample kit including a selection of tips, barrels and other consumables, all featuring industry standard fittings and total backward compatibility.

The Adhere Intertronics top tips cover subjects such as the best type of tips to use for solder paste or conductive epoxies, dispensing of light-sensitive materials, how to prevent dripping or backflow, how to increase accuracy and how to minimise clogging in the dispensing tip. There are also tips on low-viscosity materials and micro-dispensing, down to correct tip angles.


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