Floyd To Present Tooling For Sliding-Head Machines

On stand 5281 at Mach 2010, Floyd Automatic Tooling will be demonstrating its ability to supply a wide and specialised range of tooling to users of sliding-head turning centres. Visitors to Mach will be able to see the F40 collet and sleeve kits, which can increase bar capacity up to 36mm diameter on 32mm capacity sliding-head machines. Designed by Swisscollet in Geneva, this kit has been developed to cater for bar sizes up to 36mm; however, this is subject to machine type.

The kits are designed to be used with the existing main spindle collet nut. The system can be used with a standard guide bush up to 33mm or with a reinforced guide bush up to 36mm, using a modified bush nut. The F40 collet kits are available for many sliding-head machines such as the Citizen, Star and Tornos ranges. Floyd will also be showing the Swisscollet expanding arbor system that can improve the workholding capabilities of turning centres. Adapting to any machine using a dead-length collet system, the modular expanding arbor system can be used on fixed- and sliding-head lathes as well as in specialist machining applications.

The system widens the working parameters of turning centres by enabling the end user to machine micro components from 0.8mm diameter with F8 collets through to larger work with F66 (DIN 185E) collets. This diverse working range allows any turning centre with a dead-length collet to produce parts for the micro industry sector such as the watch and horoligical industries; while at the other end of the scale users can accommodate large parts. Among the latest offerings from a tooling perspective will be the Applitec high-quality ISO inserts, carbide saws and milling arbors, plus a selection of Cut-Line parting-off tools. The Applitec Cut-Line programme has been enhanced with the introduction of the U Geometry inserts and increased parting-off capacity up to 42mm, which incorporates fixed-head turning centres.

The parting-off tool has a double-V clamping system that offers high rigidity for enhanced tool life and surface finishes. The Cut-Line is claimed to reduce tooling costs by up to 60 per cent. Floyd will also be showing a range of very-high-precision HP Plus collets and guide bushes with an accuracy of 0.003mm. For specialist solutions such as over-gripping collets, collets for surgical screw applications and many additional problematic scenarios, Floyd Automatic will be offering a solution at Mach 2010. For general turning applications, Floyd will have a diverse range of collets, bushes, feed collets and general tooling on its stand.


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