First Trace Updates Document-Management Software

First Trace has brought out version 4.2 of its Kinnosa service-oriented architecture (SOA). Kinnosa 4.2 includes support and direct integration for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Autocad 2010, Solidworks 2010 and Microstation V8i Select 1. An advanced active directory adapter provides secure single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for fast implementation. Kinnosa 4.2 provides integration to MS Office document properties to dynamically link business data to Office documents and the open Kinnosa repository.

First Trace developed Kinnosa to address the complex requirements of engineering to effectively manage CAD drawings, engineering files and standard office documents in a real-time environment. The additional support for the 2010 versions of the most popular CAD tools means Kinnosa now directly integrates with Autocad versions 2007 - 2010, Solidworks 2007 - 2010 and Microstation V8 - V8i Select 1. The ability to dynamically link business data to Office documents and the open Kinnosa repository allows users to make business decisions based on data in documents without having to open them.

Any changes a user makes to data are automatically reflected in the document and the Kinnosa repository, regardless of where the change is made. Kinnosa's SOA has been extended with the release of version 4.2 to allow for more user choices and greater system flexibility. The extended SOA allows Kinnosa to be easily configured by system administrators, with improved user-management capabilities and greater granularity with role-based authorisations.


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