Fenner Publishes Power-Transmission Product Guide

The extended and revised 2010 edition of the Fenner Drive Design Manual is now available. The manual is an essential power-transmission reference tool for design and maintenance engineers. The latest version features more than 100 pages of new products and technical know-how, including many new energy-saving solutions. The 400-page manual is being issued free to customers globally, either direct from Fenner in the UK or via other approved distributors.

New to this year's product range are: Fenner FM series motors in both premium and standard efficiency; Fenner Plus roller chain and sprockets; the Fenner QD (Quickdrive) Inverters, which include: energy-saving HVAC inverters (QD:VT), high torque flux vector inverters (QD:CT Plus) and the QD:IP55 and QD:IP66 water- and dust-protected inverters for aggressive environments and wash-down applications. Other innovative new products include a high-shock, overload resistant, high-reduction cycloidal gearbox range.

The Fenner Cyclo is available in foot, flange and face-mount configurations and torque ratings up to 68,000Nm. A re-engineered Fenner Series F gearbox is also available, with up-rated bearings; combined seals and precision internals deliver a longer service life in harsh conditions and extended torque-range coverage. Also new this year are additions to the Fenner range of maintenance and installation tools, including an essential laser-alignment tool that allows the precise set-up of gearboxes, indirect open drives and many other power-transmission components, extending wear-life and improving operational efficiency.

In all, the Fenner Drive Design Manual extends to eight specific sections that all offer comprehensive product lists and specifications. Alongside the product information is detailed technical advice and reference material for the specification, fitting and maintenance of all these products. Section headings include: Chain Drives, Friction Belt Drives, Synchronous Belt Drives, Couplings, Shaft Fixings, Motors, Inverters and Gearboxes. Visit Fenner's website for a copy of the manual.


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