Exair Dry Vac Quickly Vacuums Abrasive Materials

The Exair Heavy Duty Dry Vac, exclusively available in the UK through Good Hand, is a rugged, industrial-duty vacuum cleaner that quickly vacuums high volumes of dry materials. The wear-resistant design is suitable for the clean-up of abrasive materials such as steel shot, metal chips and sand, yet can be used for general-purpose applications.

The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is compressed-air powered and attached to the user-supplied 45-gallon (170 litre) open-top drum. It is extremely quiet at 77dBA (half the noise of electric vacs), making it suitable for a variety of applications. Surrounding air is kept clean by a 0.1 micron filter bag that traps particles when vacuuming dusty materials. There are no motors or impellers to clog or wear out.

The Heavy Duty Dry Vac System comes complete with a lever lock drum lid, shutoff valve, reusable filter bag, 3m polyethylene static-resistant hose (38mm ID), hose hanger, 6m compressed-air hose with swivel fittings, pressure gauge and heavy-duty aluminium chip wand. Deluxe systems also feature a drum dolly and heavy-duty aluminium tools that include a two-piece double bend wand, floor tool, a small and a large crevice tool, skimmer tool with detachable brush and an 89mm dust brush with conductive bristles.


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