Evologics To Show Advantages Of S2C At Oceanology

Evologics will appear at the Oceanology 2010 Conference to demonstrate the advantages S2C technology provides for underwater acoustic communication and positioning. Oceanology will be held 9-11 March 2010 in London. S2C signals are reliable for data transmission and positioning, in particular under noisy environments and shallow and confined waters. Evologics will share with participants of the congress its experience with sub-sea monitoring, sub-sea production systems, operation of robots, AUVs (and ROVs) and wireless acoustic networks.

The reliability of S2C pushes the envelope in ocean business and offshore operations to areas that were not yet thought to be possible. Advanced algorithms guarantee maximum channel utilisation under all conditions, data delivery and simultaneous command transmission. Evologics will officially present Sonobot for the first time at Oceanology, an autonomous cartography and surveillance robot with an integrated high-precision S2C bionic sonar differential GPS sensor.

Evologics is a high-tech enterprise that specialises in the production of underwater acoustic communication and positioning equipment and innovative solutions for robotics.


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