Esab Introduces Origo Tech 9-13 Welding Helmets

Esab's Origo Tech 9-13 range of welding helmets, masks and screens offer superior face, head, ear and neck protection. They are available in striking high-gloss colours and feature the Esab comfort headgear with a lightweight shell. Since they offer higher levels of security for the wearer, it is possible to use the Origo Tech 9-13 to weld in all positions. The Esab variable-shade ADF is screwed into a slightly curved cradle designed to seal out dangerous levels of light.

The front spatter lens is also curved for extra strength and security. The external shade-adjustment varies between DIN 9 and 13, which can be adjusted from inside the helmet. The helmet is suitable for MIG/MAF, MMA and TIG (more than 20A) welding. The 0700 000 296 model is primarily black and the 0700 000 298 helmet is mostly yellow. The Origo Tech 9-13 comes in an Esab display box, fully assembled and ready to use.

Also available from Esab is a comfortable, lightweight and durable battery-powered respiratory unit designed to snugly fit the Origo Tech welding helmets. This offers the welder clean, filtered air in some of the most challenging welding conditions, resulting in increased comfort and safety for the welder. The Origo Air comes with an eight-hour battery, P3 filter, comfort pad, waist belt and an air hose with a fitted Proban hose cover.

Every Origo Air comes with an intelligent charger to ensure prolonged battery life and reduce the risk of over-charging. The battery-powered air filter is also equipped with a low-flow alarm that makes a noise when it is blocked or the battery is running low.


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