Eriks Launches Storeroom Services

Eriks has announced that it is now able to project manage a full storeroom move, or transformation, from initial review through to full product reorganisation and software installation. Storeroom Services contracts can range from GBP5,000 to GBP500,000. Eriks said it can find savings in virtually any size of engineering stores and that these Storeroom Services offer: greater spending control; greater value for money; greater return on assets; improved parts availability; enhanced store function; improved maintenance, repair and operations efficiency; more effective resource management; greater compliance with the supply chain; enhanced leverage with suppliers; and an improved working environment.

The company will carry out an initial inspection of the site's engineering stores and identify areas for improvement. This leads to a proposal detailing the remedy and the benefits that the project will deliver to the client. Projects often focus on the identification of all the products in stock, registering any cases of over or under stocking and help with the identification of any obsolete items. Once the stock has been checked, it is audited to determine the value of the stock holding, allowing accurate balance sheet entries where needed.

After stock identification the storeroom is sorted and a stock location system is created that allows products to be held in an efficient and safe manner, making stock checks easier and providing quick access when needed. Items are arranged by size and product type and, in the case of OEM specials, by machine type. Fast-moving items are located closer to the point of issue, and in some cases dedicated 'kitting' areas are created to allow pre-determined lists of parts to be assembled prior to issue. An important process in creating an efficient store is ensuring that the size of the physical area is appropriate.

Eriks Storeroom Services will assess the current storage rooms and may recommend installation of additional shelving or even moving the engineering stores to a new location. The company is able to project manage any potential changes completely, negating the need to secure additional project management services or tie up time from within the clients management team. As well as physical holdings, it is important to keep data organised and updated in order to run an efficient stores. The Eriks Storeroom Services team can remove duplication and error in records and insure that valuable information, such as supply source and price, is included.

This delivers an accurate depiction of the stock held on site and creates a high level of transparency in the supply chain. Finally, Process Maps can be created to document any changes that have been agreed to the way the stores operates. Eriks ensures that all changes are implemented and any necessary installations are completed. To reinforce these processes, Eriks also offers staff training programmes to ensure that the new systems are understood and maintained. The company has recently worked with a large client in the north west of England that had identified the need to run its stores more efficiently.

During the initial on-site visit, the Storeroom Services team was able to identify a number of key problems within the plant's stock management system and created a plan that helped the plant start to find savings. It was found that the plant's problems could be attributed to the manner in which the stock was stored. The products were held in the open in main storerooms, which meant they were susceptible to dust contamination. The stock was not held with associated product types and critical spares were indistinguishable from standard stocked lines. In all, a poor visual management system had made finding and identifying stock extremely difficult.

Storeroom Services was able to identify areas where additional storage facilities could be established that were free from contamination risk. The new stores are stocked in product size and type order with simple visual management of the critical machine spares. In order to ensure that stock-holdings are kept at an efficient level, a traffic-light system has been introduced to highlight low stock levels. As a result of this work, the risks of stock out and product contamination have been virtually eliminated, reducing the risk of costly downtime and having to replace damaged stock items.


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