EOS To Show Laser-Sintering System At AAOS 2010

EOS will display orthopaedic applications and an Eosint M 270 Direct Metal Laser Sintering system at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) meeting, from 9-13 March in New Orleans. The company will also present new process and quality enhancements for its manufacturing equipment. EOS plastic and metal laser-sintering systems are used to create devices, implants, ortheses, prostheses, surgical equipment and instrument prototypes.

The systems allow medical designers to tailor-make parts that serve the individual needs of doctors and patients. In addition, laser-sintering enables engineers to create complex geometries such as porous surfaces that encourage osteointegration, and implants with mesh or scaffold structures that are lighter and more comfortable for patients. Materials available from EOS for orthopaedic applications include polyamides, a high-performance PEEK polymer, stainless steels, cobalt chromes and different titanium grades.

Recent developments that EOS will highlight at AAOS are new end-to-end quality assurance and manufacturing-process controls. DMLS now features an Integrated Process Chain Management module to ensure documentation of materials and processes. In addition, plastics laser-sintering systems now include as an option Part Property Profiles (PPP), which offer designers constant access to standardised property profiles and corresponding material values.

As a result, the PPP enables manufacturers to choose, from predetermined settings, the approach that is most cost-effective for their needs. Bestinclass, a micro-machining company, will also exhibit at EOS's booth and will display machined parts and offer technical background. Bestinclass provides post-processing, including fine surface finishing and polishing for laser-sintered metal parts. Several EOS customers that supply orthopaedic services will also exhibit at the AAOS meeting.


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