Emco Offers Mini DC-To-High-Voltage-DC Converters

Emco High Voltage has launched the FS Series of miniature DC-to-high-voltage-DC converters. The company has enhanced the design performance of the FS Series by leveraging high-voltage power-conversion technology and adding new 'smart features' to enhance long-term reliability and survivability in harsh, mission-critical applications. The FS Series provides outputs ranging from 200VDC to 6,000VDC and is offered in a miniature, cost-effective, lightweight, PC-mount package.

In addition to arc protection, short-circuit protection and output surge current limiting, the FS Series adds over-temperature protection and input over-voltage protection, creating a module that can survive unintended fault conditions. Automatic, non-latching shutdown is activated when preset temperature or input-voltage limits are exceeded. A latching error signal output is issued to alert the host system of the event and an externally controlled disable function is also standard.

Low ripple and low EMI/RFI facilitate integration into compact, noise-sensitive equipment. By offering a wide input-voltage operating range, starting at just 0.7V input, the FS Series simplifies the programming control of the high-voltage output, according to the company. Advanced internal thermal management techniques and a housing design combining aluminium and plastic provide optimised thermal and stable high-voltage performance.


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