Easy-To-Interface Differential Pressure Gauge

Sensor-Technik UK has brought out the D02 differential pressure transmitter. The device features a piezoresistive measuring element in a compact and robust stainless-steel housing to satisfy a range of differential pressure measurement tasks in applications ranging from mechanical engineering and industrial control to filter supervision and flow measurement.

Sensor-Technik stocks a wide range of standard devices, covering differential pressure ranges from 0-0.1 to 0-20 bar. Nonstandard ranges are available on request at no extra charge. All devices boast high measurement accuracy with typical linearity of 0.25 per cent of full scale; and pressure hysteresis and repeatability at just 0.1 per cent of full scale.

All sensors feature an operating temperature range of -10 to +85C, with temperature compensation provided from +10 to +40C. The D02 differential pressure transmitter offers easy interfacing in a wide range of applications.

The excitation voltage can be anything from 9-30V DC. A choice of voltage (0-10V) and current (0-20 or 4-20mA) outputs further increases application flexibility. All electrical connections are via a standard M12 connector, which is protected against both short circuits and reverse-polarity connection. Other electrical connections are also available.


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