E-con COM Features 2D Graphics Controller

E-con Systems has launched the eSOM300, a computer-on-module (COM) based on Marvell's PXA300 processor. The COM is suitable for embedded applications requiring a combination of low-power consumption and mid-range processing and GUI performance. It will find applications in point-of-sale, handheld and mobile terminals, vehicle mount systems, kiosks, test and measurement equipment and gaming machines.

The eSOM300 has a PXA300 CPU with a 2D graphics controller and can support up to 256MB of DDR memory, up to 1GB of NAND flash, 100Mbit Ethernet, RTC, battery charger, serial ports, USB ports, Audio, GPIO lines and several other essential functions. The module also has a 'local bus expansion header' to help customers build daughter boards with chips that interface directly on the processor bus around the eSOM300. The eSOM300 has several additional features in comparison with its predecessor eSOM270.

These include: processor running at 208/624MHz speed; higher memory bandwidth; support for flash up to 1GB; support for RAM up to 256MB; USB 2.0 device support; 2D graphics acceleration support; battery charger support (optional); Ethernet support on the module (optional); audio and touch-screen support on the module (optional); and RTC support. ESOM300 modules support Windows CE 6.0 R3 and Linux 2.6.x operating systems and the BSP as provided is production ready and ready to use (Win CE drivers have passed CETK tests).


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