Dytran Vibration Meter Field Tests Accelerometers

Dytran Instruments has released a portable vibration meter, which can be used for field testing accelerometers. The model 4190 can be used in conjunction with a hand-held shaker for sensor validation. It converts the vibration signal from a 10mV/g or 100mV/g IEPE accelerometer to the Peak value of the vibration signals generated by these sensors.

It has a built-in power supply that provides 2mA of current at +18V DC compliance to operate a 10mV/g or 100mV/g IEPE accelerometer. Two rotary switches allow the user to select between a 10mV/g and 100mV/g accelerometer input and full scale ranges of 2, 20 and 50g. The 4190 features a large digital front-panel meter, a bias test switch to verify proper accelerometer operation and an output jack for monitoring the output signal of the accelerometer with an oscilloscope. Two replaceable 9V batteries allow for 10hrs continuous operation.


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