Dual-Purpose Checkbox Ensures Tester Accuracy

Seaward's Powercheck 1557 is a space-saving checkbox that validates the accuracy of electrical-installation testers and portable-appliance testers. The Powercheck 1557 eliminates the need to use different check boxes for different types of electrical tester. It provides a simple and effective means of regularly confirming the accuracy of tester readings without tripping RCD-protected circuits.

Colour coded for ease of use, verification of tester performance is achieved quickly and easily by straightforward comparison of measured values against specified checkbox reference values. Regular use of the new checkbox will ensure the correct functionality of test instruments and help to avoid potential problems with non-compliance notices from inspecting engineers.

As a result, the new Powercheck 1557 provides a fast and effective method of verifying the in-service performance of electrical test instruments between formal calibration checks, as recommended by many electrical-trade organisations. The checkbox tests to: BS7671 and EN61557; and the IEE On-Site Guide for Earth Loop Testers, insulation continuity testers and RCD testers. It also meets the IEE Code of Practice for portable-appliance testing.

The robust, lightweight and portable device is ideal for use by contractors and field-service engineers and checks for full earth continuity, insulation resistance, RCD trip time, RCD trip current, Earth Loop, PE conductor current, touch current and Flash/Hi Pot verification. The Powercheck 1557 forms part of a comprehensive range of test instrumentation and accessories available from Seaward to ensure compliance with 17th Edition Wiring Regulations and all portable-appliance test applications.


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