Driver Improves Nand Flash Application Development

Evatronix has introduced the latest release of the software driver for its Nand Flash memory controller IP core. The driver supports all functionalities of the controller and introduces features to facilitate Nand Flash application development. The Evatronix Nand Flash memory controller software driver is written entirely in ANSI C for operating system independence. It natively supports memories from manufacturers such as Numonyx, Samsung, Micron and Toshiba, but with a unified set of commands it can be configured to support custom memory chips.

The latest release of the driver features a set of configurable options for best fit to customer's application. These options include support for implementation of an indirect DMA buffer, DMA and Bad Block Scan modules, as well as for configurable system clock frequencies. The release also allows software configuration of hardware ECC (Error Correction Code) settings. The Evatronix Nand Flash memory controller provides support for single- and multi-level cell memories and for high-speed Nand Flash memories that reach up to 200 MT/s.

The controller is compatible with the Onfi 2.2 specification for compatibility with Micron and Numonyx memory chips and features support for memories from other manufacturers. The controller features an internal OCP socket for implementation into any system bus. A set of wrappers for AMBA AHB, OPB, PLB, Avalon and Flexbus system buses is also available.


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