Distributed Control-System Sales Expected To Grow

The world market for distributed control systems is projected to exceed USD17.2bn (GBP11.44bn) by 2014. The growth of this market will be primarily driven by the power, oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, and water and wastewater industries. After extensive consultation with manufacturers of distributed control systems and end-users, IMS Research has found that growth in this market is heavily dependent on the energy consumption and future requirements of developing regions of the world.

Alternative fuels-and-energy production is a lucrative market, and companies in the industry often benefit from having large investment resources available. Marc Fernandez, market-research analyst, said: 'As existing oil reserves are consumed, there is a growing need for governments and energy companies to invest in new technologies and plants dedicated to producing alternative forms of energy.

'This requires increased investment in distributed control systems to not only ensure operations are monitored and controlled efficiently, but also to maximise return on investment and increase productivity. 'Over the next five years, (sales of) distributed control systems used in the power industry are expected to grow by an estimated USD1.5bn. 'This highlights greater investment in existing and new facilities across the globe,' he added.


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