Diamond Launches COM Express 1.0-Compliant Modules

Diamond Systems has launched a range of COM Express 1.0-compliant computer-on-modules (COMs) based on Intel's low-power Atom and Core processors. Rated for operation over enhanced (-20C to +71C) and extended (-40C to +85C) temperature ranges, the modules are suitable for a range of fixed and mobile applications in the defence, avionics, transportation, energy management and industrial automation sectors.

Within the industry-standard 3.7 x 4.9in (95 x 125mm) COM Express footprint, the CME-Atom and the CME-965 each integrate a low-power Intel processor, DDR2 SDRAM and a complete set of PC-compatible system controllers and interfaces. Both modules provide eight USB 2.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet local-area-network interface, high-resolution VGA CRT and LVDS LCD video, audio-in and audio-out and mass storage interfaces.

In addition, both provide PCI Express, 32bit PCI and LPC expansion bus signals for connection to external generic or application-specific baseboards.


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