Design-A-Flange Speeds Up Cabinet Wiring Process

Hylec-APL has introduced a cable-entry plate that can speed up the wiring process for applications that require a range of cables to enter a junction box or cabinet. The plate incorporates a range of pre-formed push-fit IP65 cable-entry points as standard, but can also be ordered with custom combinations of cable entries to easily accommodate a diverse set of cable entries. The idea is to avoid situations where many different sized holes have to be drilled and a large number of odd cable glands fitted.

Intended mainly for OEM customers and large-volume users, the new plates fit into frames that can be screwed to bulkheads or larger enclosures, allowing fast entry for a large number of cables. The new cable interface allows the customer to choose from a wide selection of preconfigured solutions. The standard plates each have a pattern of sealed cable entries, which the user is able to use simply by pushing the cable through the seal membrane. The plates lock into a frame that is then attached using screws to bulkheads or large enclosures.

This design makes the whole interface extremely flexible as it can be uninstalled and new insert plates added if cable-entry requirements change. The many different cable entries give the product its major advantage. Drilling several holes of differing sizes to fit separate dome-topped cable glands can take a while with bit changes, but it only takes a couple of minutes to fit an interface plate and then just seconds for each push-fit cable entry. In a situation where hundreds of enclosures or cabinets are being fitted, this flexibility leads to substantial time and cost savings.

As standard, all the entry points use water and dust-proof membrane 'push fit' seals; however customers can also choose knock-out inserts, which allow the use of cable glands or the quick-entry Klikseal grommet, a high-speed entry option that provides IP68 protection and cable retention. Neither the membrane seals nor knock-outs require tools, meaning that an accurate and secure cable entry can be executed in seconds. The plates are made from fibreglass re-enforced polypropylene, which provides an operational temperature range of between -20C to +125C.

This ensures that the flange will not weaken the overall integrity of the application to which it is fixed. They are compact and easy to install, a low-protrusion design that takes up little space, allowing discreet and aesthetically pleasing installations. Hylec-APL also offers a bespoke design service for the interface product, allowing customers to specify the exact requirements of their cable-entry interface, creating a unique set of entry options specific to requirements. The software is available online at the company's website or can be sent to the customer upon request. OEMs and installers working on large projects will not have to work around awkward cable-entry options for volume assemblies anymore.


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