Densitron Offers Seiko Industrial TFT Displays

Densitron Display Solutions has introduced a range of Seiko industrial TFT displays, available in 2.4in (6cm), 2.8in, 3.5in, 4.3in and 7.0in, and offers a long-term availability guarantee. The 2.4in, 2.8in and 4.3in displays utilise fringe field switching (FFS) technology to create an extended viewing angle of up to 170deg in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The modules also have good contrast ratios (500:1 for 2.4in and 2.8in and 400:1 for 4.3in) and excellent sunlight readability through the use of energy-efficient, ultra-bright backlights of 450cd/sqm, according to the company. Their compact construction of just 3.3mm in thickness makes them suitable for the design of instrumentation and portable applications.

A resistive touch-screen version is available for all TFT modules in the range; the 2.4in and 2.8in displays come with optically bonded touch sensors for sunlight conditions. The Seiko TFT displays can be further enhanced through Densitron's Engineering Design Service, which offers options on integrating standard or custom display modules with printed circuit boards, plastics, keypads and/or touch overlays.


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