Data Compression Board Reduces Microprocessor Load

Comtech AHA has introduced its latest low-cost GZIP data compression board, the AHA360-PCle, which allows for reduced microprocessor load and lower power consumption than other solutions. The AHA360-PCle allows network transmission and network storage appliance customers to reduce the amount of data that is transferred through, or stored within, their systems.

Along with reducing latency, bandwidth and storage requirements, it also eases the resource loading of these appliances by offloading the data compression task from the system processor. The system is based on the company's AHA3610 GZIP compression and decompression integrated circuit, which offers up to 2.5Gbits/s throughput via hardware while also saving power over software compression.

Based on the Open Standard GZIP Data Compression Algorithm, the AHA360-PCle supports full-duplex streaming of up to 2.5Gbps uncompressed data using an industry-standard X4 lane PCI Express interface.


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