D*1FP Servo Valves Enhance Large Hydraulic Systems

Parker Hannifin has brought out the D*1FP range of pilot-operated servo proportional valves. These are based on the company's direct-operated DFplus hydraulics control valve, which features Parker's Voice Coil Drive (VCD) technology. The VCD is based on the same principle used to vibrate loudspeaker diaphragms. Parker is using it to control the high forces within hydraulic valves.

By producing dynamics on a par with modern servo valves, the VCD technology results in a much simpler valve structure. The new pilot-operated D*1FP series has transferred the advantages of the VCD to larger frame sizes and higher flow-rate valves. The high dynamics and precision of each new pilot valve deliver optimum control of the main spool, resulting in servo-class performance from the complete valve. The control behaviour of the valves ensures high stability in operation and easy, time-saving installation and set-up.

Whether in the direct or pilot-operated valves, the VCD technology offers the same benefits of robust design and long life. A new safety concept with the pilot valve can also reduce the need for additional shut-off valves in hydraulics systems. It ensures the main stage is hydraulically balanced at power down and the main spool is in a safe position.

The D*1FP range is available in four sizes: NG10 (CETOP05), NG16 (CETOP07), NG25 (CETOP08) and NG32 (CETOP10). With flow rates of up to 3000 litres a minute, the valves bring the advantages of VCD technology to almost any size of hydraulics system and are supported around the world by Parker's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer-support centres.


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