Courses On Project And Risk Management

The Technology Academy's expert Simon Robertson has developed two courses for those working in technology industries. 'Successful Project Management for Technical Professionals' and 'Successful Risk Management for Technical Professionals' will take place on 29-30 April and 13-14 May respectively, at The Holiday Inn, south Reading.

The Technology Academy's new courses will equip technical managers and team leaders with the necessary tools to reduce project costs, improve team efficiency, reduce risks and improve design quality and system performance. The intensive two-day workshops will provide participants with proven techniques, processes and tools to deliver challenging technical projects on time, to budget and within specification.

Course leader and trainer Simon Robertson, is an experienced project manager that has worked within leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Fujitsu for the past 20 years, successfully delivering various ground-breaking projects. He brings first-hand knowledge, experience and expertise to the project-management process and his courses are highly regarded within the project-management training industry.


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