Coriolis Flow Meter Has High Capacity

Emerson Process Management has unveiled the highest flow rate Coriolis meter available. The Micro Motion Elite Coriolis meter covers DN250-DN300 (10-12in) line sizes and can handle flow rates up to 3,266,000kg/hr. This meter adds to the existing DN2-DN200 (1/10-8in) Elite line size range, enabling Emerson to deliver the industry's broadest Coriolis offering.

This large-size Elite high-capacity meter is suited for pipelines, ship/rail loading and unloading, crude-oil custody transfer, mud logging, marine, LNG, gas metering and refinery blending. Elite high-capacity Coriolis meters have no moving parts to break or wear, deliver +/-0.10 per cent mass and volume flow liquid accuracy, +/-0.0005g/cc density accuracy and +/-0.35 per cent gas-flow accuracy.

Micro Motion Elite high-capacity Coriolis meters also deliver measurement performance for applications ranging from DN150-DN300 (6-12in) process connections and have been thoroughly tested in oil and gas applications. Further cost savings, increased plant availability and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are said to be achieved when the flowmeters are integrated into the Plantweb digital plant architecture.


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