Conference Highlights Mettler Toledo Technologies

Mettler Toledo has announced that the 17th International Process Development Conference will be held in Baltimore, MD, US, on 16-19 May 2010. During the event, delegates will be able to learn how Mettler Toledo's technology platforms help accelerate the discovery, development and scale-up of chemical processes. The conference will also explain how customers are using Mettler Toledo tools to improve productivity and speed process understanding, resulting in increased yields, process control and product quality.

The annual event features a roster of industry professionals and researchers who will share their knowledge and experience in process research, process development, crystallisation, safety, scale-up, production and emerging technologies. Delegates can also participate in workshops conducted by industry experts on key applications.

These workshops will enhance attendees' skill sets by developing product and application knowledge, sharing hints and tips, understanding solutions to common challenges and answering frequently asked questions. Mettler Toledo technology and application consultants will also hold basic and advanced training courses covering current technology platforms and software solutions, providing attendees with an opportunity to deepen their instrumentation and software working skills.


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