Commsaudit Selects Mydata Pick-And-Place Machine

Mydata has revealed that its MY100LX pick-and-place machine has enabled Commsaudit to bring all of its printed-circuit manufacturing operations in house. As a result, the company can now respond even faster to the requirements of its customers, while also retaining total control over product quality. Commsaudit manufactures very high technology products in small quantities, and the company had, until recently, always subcontracted the assembly of its printed circuit boards.

The company decided that it wanted to make board assembly an in-house function and selected a Mydata MY100LX to meet its requirements. The MY100LX uses the Agilis feeders system, which is said to facilitate fast changeovers and handle difficult components, and also offers placement accuracy and reliability. The order was placed just before the Christmas break and the machine was installed and fully operational by the end of January.

To complement its MY100LX machine, Commsaudit also purchased Mydata's Mycentre software, which runs on a PC and provides an intuitive graphical interface for machine set-up. The Mydata My100LX machine bought by Commsaudit has a rated speed of 15,000cph. It is part of the new MY100 family of machines, which also includes the MY100DX, rated at 34,000cph and the MY100SX, rated at 21,500cph.


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