Cognex Software Enhances In-Sight Vision Systems

Cognex has announced In-Sight Explorer 4.4, the latest software release for its In-Sight vision systems. In-Sight Explorer 4.4 adds new colour tools, improved calibration and expanded data access within its Easybuilder configuration software, and expands support for larger line-scan images. The software also introduces Inspectedge, a range of tools for detecting edge defects and inspecting edge pairs.

Inspectedge gives users the flexibility to solve vision applications that rely on accurate edge detection, such as finding dents in can lids or edge cracks in solar wafers. It finds gaps and defects in both straight and circular-shaped edges, and can inspect the width of features for gaps and defects by tracking multiple edge pairs. Support for irregular shapes in Inspectedge enables better performance on challenging width inspections, such as automotive glue beads.

The tool's graphical user interface allows users to set up an edge inspection and provides more flexibility to define defect criteria such as size, area and distance, as well as the ability specify outliers in order to eliminate noise. In-Sight Explorer 4.4 software also includes new colour tools in Easybuilder that simplify the process of colour training. Trained colours can now be shared among multiple tools and new application-specific colour tools simplify the task of solving colour applications.

Easybuilder also offers: more powerful distortion correction for line-scan cameras; support of up to 8,192 lines for large part imaging; and improved 32-point calibration in the In-Sight spreadsheet. A position timing feature schedules programmed and job complete discrete outputs.


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