Clock Generator Card Features Low Jitter

Mistral Solutions has announced the availability of Curtiss-Wright's first FMC clock generator card (FMC/VITA 57), the FMC-XCLK2. The FMC-XCLK2 is a quad-channel clock generator card that features low jitter and phase-matched outputs. Available in both air-cooled and conduction-cooled rugged versions, the card is said to provide high-quality clock source for high-frequency data-sampling applications and can support RF output frequencies ranging from 50MHz to more than 2GHz.

The card also provides a compact alternative source for clocking and synchronising I/O, whether provided by Curtiss-Wright's range of ADC and DAC FMC cards or the customer's own I/O. The FMC-XCLK2 has been designed for use in demanding military applications such as electronic counter measures (ECM), software-defined radio (SDR) and radar data acquisition, which require high-speed ADC and DAC components.

The card alleviates the integration of FPGAs into embedded system designs. It complements Curtiss-Wright's growing range of high-speed ADC FMC cards providing a complete ADC/DAC solution for DSP applications.


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