Clearscada Monitors Remote Processes And Assets

Control Microsystems' (CMI) Clearscada Scada host platform can provide video surveillance of remote processes and assets. Clearscada can be integrated with the Longwatch Video Surveillance Platform and Video Historian Platform, along with IP surveillance cameras, as a solution to capture and convey important security information for critical infrastructure. The video surveillance uses Modbus protocol and is event driven to conserve bandwidth.

The Longwatch system continuously takes and stores local video. When motion is detected, an alarm is raised and a video 'snippet' is attached to the alarm message and sent to the central control site, showing what happened before and after the event. Through a graphic display in Clearscada, operators can view what is occurring on site, removing the need to manually check the alarm.

Either Ethernet IP or Modbus over serial can be used to communicate between the Longwatch Video Control Center and the Remote Video Engines. The Longwatch video platform interfaces to Clearscada primarily via OPC, with Longwatch acting as the OPC server and Clearscada the OPC client. Video alarms, camera status and camera control can then be achieved from Clearscada via the OPC interface.


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