Citizen Debuts Four Mill/Turn Centres At Mach 2010

Citizen Machinery has announced that four mill/turn centres will be debuted on the shared stand of Citizen Machinery UK and Miyano Machinery at Mach 2010. Visitors will be able to view the latest in 'one-hit' machining technology from both the Citizen CNC sliding-head and Miyano fixed-head lathe stables. Five Citizen CNC sliding-head turn-mill centres will be demonstrated under power having bar capacities up to 32mm, of which two will be shown for the first time outside of Japan under the 'E for Evolution' designation.

In addition, existing models will feature higher productivity enhancements and functionality from new controls and software, additional driven tools and the adaptive guide brush. Alongside the Citizen brand will be four machines from Miyano that are said to complement Citizen's sliding-head technology in fixed-head configurations that take the bar capacity for turn-mill parts up to 64mm.

With the addition of Miyano alongside the Citizen range of machines is the inclusion of a versatile chucking and automation capability. Miyano's capability to automate the mill/turn and turning centre process will be supported with examples of cell configurations and various levels of automation.


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