CIL Produces Infrared Light Source For Mindstorm

Custom Interconnect (CIL) has produced a bespoke, high-power, uniform, infrared (IR) light source for Mindstorm Technologies. CIL's light-emitting-diode (LED) solution is said to provide advantages over previous light sources used in the system. Mindstorm approached CIL for assistance to design and build high-power, IR illumination products for its new range of interactive, multi-touch display systems.

CIL produced a series of theoretical models and simulations that eliminated the limitations and compromises of previous designs and, following a full technical review and assessment, prototypes were delivered within a few days. In parallel with finalising the electronics design, CIL also worked on the product-packaging, installation and commissioning aspects of the project, producing a fully engineered product in less than eight weeks. A full production programme is now under way at CIL's facilities.


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