Centurion Cameras Approved For Use In South Africa

Two models in Cordex's Centurion digital-camera range have been certified for use in South Africa's mines and petrochemical and processing facilities. The cameras have been certified by Explolabs, a South African government-approved inspection authority. With only small oil deposits, South Africa relies on coal production for most of its energy needs. The country's economy is structured around large-scale mining and primary minerals.

Its mineral commodities account for nearly half of the country's total export value. Copper, chromium, vanadium, platinum and diamonds are major contributors to this quota. The commercial opportunities for the Centurion XPG and XPM2 cameras in South Africa are, therefore, substantial, according to Cordex. Both digital cameras are specifically designed for use in their respective hazardous environments.

The company claims that, by comparison with alternatives, they remove the need for time-consuming protocol, provide greater flexibility in use and make imaging easier, quicker and more cost effective. The Centurion XPG is designed for the capture of visual images in petrochemical and chemical applications and the Centurion XPM2 provides the same facility in the mining environment.


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