Celesco Sensors Offer Linear Measurement Up To 43m

Celesco's PT9000 cable-extension position sensors, available exclusively in the UK from Variohm Eurosensor, are suitable for heavy-duty, high-accuracy linear measurement up to 43m. The modular PT9000 series 'String Pot' sensor can be used on indoor, outdoor and wet-environment applications, such as for material handling, water and waste treatment, hydraulic cylinder positioning and crane control.

The choice of models and options covers IP67- or IP68-sealed aluminium or stainless-steel housings, several industry-standard output signal options and a selection of electrical interfacing. The standard version has 11 measurement range options from 0m to 14m, with an optional extended range to around 43m. The operating temperature spans -40C to +90C and the vibration rating is 10G at 2,000Hz. The best-position accuracy is 0.1 per cent of full stroke with repeatability to 0.02 per cent of full stroke.

Throughout the range, the drum-mounted durable plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer, with a 250,000 minimum rated cycle life, is factory configured for a choice of electrical output covering voltage divider, position/velocity output (with additional tachometer), 0/4-20mA and 0-10VDC. An incremental encoder version is also available with a positioning resolution from 10 to 250 pulses per inch of travel. Canbus- and Devicenet-compatible output versions may also be supplied.

Additional options include a redundant brush system that offers extra protection for dirty environments and a velocity-limiting system that prevents the cable from reaching damaging velocity during a free release. Up to seven electrical connection options are available for each output version - from plastic or metal connectors to fully pressure-tested, waterproof cable. To match application requirements, the PT9000 series is also available in a choice of powder-painted aluminium or 303 stainless-steel housings, with IP67- or pressure-tested IP68-rated protection from immersion in liquids.

Hazardous-area certification is also available and measuring cable options include further nylon-coated stainless steel, stainless-steel only or thermoplastic cable. The Celesco PT9000 series typically requires a 150mm width to install with a tolerance of misalignment between the cable fixing point and the housing. The design also caters for a choice of four with four cable exit options.


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