Cat Pumps Extends High-Pressure Pump Range

Cat Pumps has added the 6775, 6771 and 6777 models to its 60-frame triplex plunger-pump range. These new models can accommodate the high flow requirements of wash-down systems, desalination plants and industrial users. They use a new design of valve that enables flow rates of up to 284 litres a minute to be achieved at pressures ranging between 7 and 85 bar.

The three models are available in a choice of brass, stainless steel and nickel aluminium bronze manifolds, giving users a balance between high strength, corrosion resistance and cost benefits. 'There are a great many industry sectors where equipment for cleaning and wash-down duties requires a combination of high water flows and high pressures. 'This uprated triplex plunger pump range employs a special valve design that provides added durability under high flow operation to suit the most demanding duties,' said Cat Pumps UK general manager Brian Hubbard.

Industry sectors and applications that have been identified by Cat Pumps for this new pump range include food processing, multiple-nozzle central cleaning plant, off-shore wash-down systems and reverse-osmosis water purification. To satisfy the demanding requirements of these applications and to provide a long, low-maintenance working life, the valves and seals are made from 316 Stainless Steel and have been hardened and polished for ultimate sealing. Extended seal life is ensured by the use of special concentric, high-density polished ceramic plungers and Cat Pumps' high-pressure Vee Packing seals.


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