BYD Automobiles Use Microtune Antenna Amplifiers

Microtune has announced that its MT1119 multi-standard automotive antenna amplifier is being deployed in BYD's automobiles in Shenzhen, China. The MT1119 is currently used in BYD's fuel-based sedans and all-electric vehicles. It is planned for rollout in BYD's most popular compact models by March and in all BYD models by the year-end. BYD's automotive products include high-, medium- and low-end fuel vehicles, hybrids and all-electric cars.

Barry F Koch, executive vice-president of Microtune, said: 'BYD consistently demanded higher levels of antenna amplifier performance and our MT1119 offered improved car radio reception compared to its existing discrete tuner can solution. 'Our MT1119 chip also provided a significant design and cost advantage as the same multi-standard antenna system design can be used across all BYD model vehicles and markets,' he added.

The MT1119, designed for automotive in-glass antennas, amplifies a car radio signal, compensating for the reduced performance of integrated antenna systems. It is claimed to enable superior multi-standard (AM, FM, HD-Radio and DRM) car radio reception and can be used in single-antenna configurations or multiple-antenna diversity systems.

With its miniature form factor and high level of integration, the MT1119 results in a compact, low-cost radio-frequency (RF) solution requiring a minimum number of external components. When integrated into advanced audio systems and antenna architectures, the MT1119 helps bring enhanced entertainment capabilities to quality-conscious drivers and passengers. The MT1119 is qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Q100 requirements.

The product also meets the green technology standards of the RoHS specification. The MT1119, measuring 4 x 4mm, is part of Microtune's range of automotive products developed specifically to meet the performance, qualification and manufacturing requirements of car makers and Tier-1 suppliers. Microtune also offers other RF products for car radio and car TV systems, as well as the advanced Microdigitizer RF-to-digital converter for software-defined radio.


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