Brown And Holmes To Showcase Forkardt Chuck Ranges

Brown And Holmesis to launch three Forkardt chuck ranges at Mach 2010: the tool grind chuck; diaphragm chucks and the high-precision chucking system. The Forkardt 6TGC precision tool grind chucks are said to be ideal for any tool-grinding or hard-turning operation that requires both a wide gripping range and micrometer accuracy. As well as incorporating a highly precise blade arbor with clamping fingers and axial fixed-end stop, an internal air purge system eliminates contamination, the company said.

The pneumatically operated 6VMCHP high-precision diaphragm chucks are designed for a range of grinding applications. Workpieces can be gripped with both high precision and a cyclic testing repetition accuracy of <=0.002mm as the retracting effect of the diaphragm pulls workpieces back on the end stop. The retractable, compensating 3OVEKAV 180 high-precision chucking system is said to be ideal for use when hard turning and grinding takes place on the same machine.

Hydraulically front-end actuated with a 35mm axial chuck retraction, it offers a gripping force of up to 2000daN and a maximum clamping pressure of 50 bar. Brown and Holmes will also showcase a full selection of Forkardt standard and special rotary power chucks, expanding mandrels and steady rest packages available. There will also be information on the technical support and installation services on offer from Brown and Holmes to help with incorporation or retrofitting of any of the components.


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