Brochure Details Latest Auma Actuator Range

A new brochure featuring more than 50 pages provides detailed documentation on the latest Auma actuator range. It is designed to aid users of valve control technology across the spectrum of industry skill levels. The comprehensive brochure, produced for the Generation .2 (Auma SA series) actuators with AM/AC controls, is said to draw on the company's experience supplying modular electric actuation solutions.

Generic industry- and product-specific information is provided. Designed as an actuation reference source, the brochure details the main functions of the actuators, controls concepts, operation and communication. The brochure also presents an overview of the benefits and applications of the new actuator and control series. Key design advantages highlighted include simple operation, intelligent diagnostics, precision/control accuracy, reliability and flexibility.

The new SA range, which is available for delivery from Auma's international network of suppliers, is fully compatible with previous Auma products. The complete Auma portfolio includes multi-turn, part-turn, linear and lever actuators, gearboxes and controls.


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