Book Reviews Improvements In Adhesive Bonding

'Advances in structural adhesive bonding' reviews the most recent improvements in adhesive bonding and the potential in structural engineering. The authors, who are experts in the field, examine key issues in adhesive selection, such as substrate compatibility and manufacturing demands. A comprehensive overview of advances in structural adhesives features epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and acrylic adhesives, considering individual properties and characteristics as well as primary applications.

A range of adherends and pre-treatment methods are assessed, with specific chapters summarising improvements in the bonding of metals, plastics and composites. This discussion highlights limitations and future trends, particularly in aerospace and automotive composites. There is also a systematic review of joint design, which discusses various joints for different materials as well as life prediction and improving adhesive joint design using fracture mechanics.

The book additionally provides insight into current and emerging types of testing to detect failure, which is illustrated by a case study using T joints. The book aims to provide a stimulus for design improvements, with contributors investigating adhesive joints for fatigue and creep loaded conditions, as well as bonding in high and low temperatures. 'Advances in structural adhesive bonding' is designed as a standard reference for structural and chemical engineers in industry and the academic sector.


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