Boge CL 15 Screw Compressor Is Compact And Quiet

Boge has announced that Melett has selected the Boge CL 15 screw compressor to power the replacement turbocharger repair kit and part manufacturer's CHRA balancing machine. At Melett's production plant in Huddersfield, the parts for centre housing rotating assemblies (CHRAs) are assembled and balanced. To be able to offer its customers a reliable and high-quality range of CHRAs, the company recently invested in a new CHRA balancing machine, which uses compressed air to spin the CHRA at a high speed.

This process allows unbalance corrections to be made that ensure the rotating components of the turbo are properly balanced, with the end result being a more efficient turbo. Chris Littlewood, technical manager at Melett, contacted a number of compressor houses, including Boge, to review the compressed-air requirements that the investment created.

Boge recommended the installation of a CL 15 screw compressor, which is said to be ideally suited to smaller industrial compressor users, such as garages and workshops. The CL series is described as a compact and quiet screw compressor and offers reliability and longevity, according to Boge.

The CL series is noted for its low sound pressure levels - high-performance damping and lamellar graphite casting ensure effective silencing, producing sound pressure levels as low as 59dB(A) and making it ideal for point-of-use applications. A CL 15 was subsequently installed to power the CHRA balancing machine at Melett and it was also the first CL 15 to be installed in the UK, Boge added.


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