Blackfin Processors Power Silentium's ANC Products

Silentium, a developer of spatial and broadband active noise control (ANC) technologies, has selected Analog Devices' Blackfin processors to power its ANC products. Utilising low-cost Blackfin processors for their core ANC technology, Silentium's S-Cube Controller is able to deliver more than 10dB(A) broadband noise reduction, covering the entire audible range. It can also deliver from 100Hz up to 2kHz point-to-zone spatial noise reduction. Active noise cancellation minimises the unwelcome 'noise' often generated by electronic equipment.

ANC is used in a full range of applications and industries, including server and networking equipment, air treatment and air-conditioning machinery, automotive and aircraft cabins and white goods. Silentium's Blackfin-based S-Cube Controller technology enables product developers to incorporate ANC into existing products or provides board-level ANC components to incorporate into custom hardware designs. The company also offers off-the-shelf noise control products, including sound-proofed rack-mounted cabinets and enclosures, docking stations for workstations and servers and duct work for air-conditioning systems.

Silentium's S-Cube Controller solution extends the low frequency range of signals up to 1,800Hz with multiple sound tone capability, eliminating the need for error microphones. The Blackfin BF533 600MHz processor executes Silentium's proprietary algorithms to perform system identification and phase and spatial matching and to adaptively follow the changes in noise spectrum, achieving about 10dB(A) noise reduction on top of passive noise reduction obtained by using only traditional acoustic materials.

The fully programmable Blackfin BF533 16bit/32bit core is capable of operating at up to 756MHz/1,512MMACS and has up to 148kB of on-chip SRAM memory. Effective for intensive data processing applications such as ANC, the BF533 has two dual-channel, full-duplex, synchronous serial ports and 12 DMA channels supporting 1D and 2D data transfers. The power-efficient Blackfin processor's self-contained dynamic power management capability, with power consumption starting as low as 0.8V to 1.45V, allows the operating frequency and voltage to be independently manipulated to meet the performance requirements of algorithm execution.

Silentium's design takes advantage of the Blackfin BF533's expansive standard integrated peripheral set, including UART, Sport and SPI peripherals. The ANC solution incorporates additional components from Analog Devices, including the AD73311L Codec, a single-channel, 3V front-end processor for general-purpose speech and telephony, and the ADM6711 microprocessor reset generator circuit to provide a reset signal on power-up/power-down when supply voltage falls below a preset threshold.


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