Behringer Bandsaw Delivers High-Speed Cutting

Kaltenbach has launched the Behringer HBM400 SC (Speed Cutting) machine, which is said to cut 16MnCr5 metals at 500cm2/min. The HBM400 SC bandsaw uses Speed Cutting technology and is claimed to achieve ultra-high-performance, automatic, precision straight cutting of all solid metals up to 400mm diameter or 400 x 400mm in section. The performance achieved by the HBM400 SC comes from the ongoing maximising of performance potential offered by the latest advances in bandsaw blades, combined with Behringer's machine technology. 

The resultant HBM400 SC performance is said to achieve cost-effective, high-efficiency cut cycle times, capable of replacing several conventional saws, while improving overall production and quality. The cutting performance of the HBM400 SC is claimed to achieve very high output. Conventional bandsawing machines, for example, will typically cut 150mm diameter, 16MnCr5 material when using a bi-metal blade, at an output speed of circa 80cm2/min and take around 150 seconds per cut, or with a tungsten-carbide-tipped blade, will cut at a rate of around 130cm2/min. The HBM400 SC will make the same cut at 500cm2/min per cut and take 21 seconds. The bandsaw utilises a specially developed, thinner bandsaw blade that is 1.1mm thick. 

This reduces the cutting force per tooth and achieves a narrower kerf of 1.7mm, which enables financial savings in waste material and its management. The Behringer servo-feed, cutting pressure control system has also been enhanced, ensuring constant blade feed while controlling optimum cutting pressure, thereby preventing blade overload. This system is claimed to optimise high-speed cutting efficiency and precision, while maximising blade life. Controlled from an ergonomic console, the HBM400 SC has user-friendly CNC screened instructions. Fully enclosed and using a robust vibration-free structure, the sound attenuating design achieves quiet operation, even under extreme high-speed operation. Particular attention has also been given to maximising the efficient removal of swarf, using an optimised chip clearance system. All chips are rapidly transported directly into a chip conveyor and extra-large capacity, easy-access removal container, housed in the base of the machine. Many machine options are available to match customer production requirements, including automated input gripper-feed and measuring system and input/output roller way and transverse conveying options to ensure complete ease of material handling. The HBM400 SC operating system can be configured to integrate with other plant processes.


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